UM Medical Genetics Clinics

Pediatric Genetics Clinics (734) 764-0579 C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital, 1540 E. Hospital Dr., Level 6, Reception C, Ann Arbor, MI 48109

University of Michigan genetics experts specialize in the diagnosis, evaluation, management and genetic counseling of patients and families with known or suspected hereditary diseases. We also provide services for individuals and family members concerned about the risk for such diseases. We assess risks and implications, determine testing options, provide comprehensive care and identify supportive resources.

Biochemical Genetics Clinics (734) 764-0579

The Division of Pediatric Genetics provides service in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of inborn errors of metabolism and metabolic defects. Services include a history and physical examination and appropriate biochemical testing, enzymatic molecular analysis or DNA based diagnostics to establish cause and to provide genetic counseling.

Breast and Ovarian Cancer Risk Evaluation Clinic (734) 764-0107

The Breast and Ovarian Cancer Risk Evaluation Program provides individuals with an accurate assessment of their personal risk for developing breast and other related cancers and offers a plan for follow-up and preventive care.

Cancer Genetics Clinic (734) 647-8906

The Cancer Genetics Clinic at the U-M Health System is for people who are concerned about their own risk or other family member's risk of cancer. Although most cancers are not "inherited," some families are particularly susceptible to cancer and may benefit from early detection or other risk reduction strategies. The specialists of the Cancer Genetics Clinic help patients and their families understand genetic contributions to cancer and develop personalized plans to manage their risk. Genetic testing is helpful for some families. For others, comprehensive risk assessment and genetic counseling provide enough information to develop a plan for lowering the risk of cancer.

Medical Genetics Clinic (734) 763-2532

The Medical Genetics Clinic at the University of Michigan sees individuals with a personal and/or family history of a genetic condition(s). Patients may be referred to our clinic by their primary care physician, by a specialist or may initiate on their own scheduling an appointment. Our clinic specializes in diagnosing genetic conditions, providing care, assessing risks and implications for you and your family members, determining testing options and coordinating genetic testing, identifying supportive resources and providing genetic counseling.

Molecular Diagnostic Testing for Inherited Eye Disease (734) 647-6347

The UM Kellogg Eye Center is proud to announce a state-of-the-art testing service: the Ophthalmic Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory. It will allow ophthalmologists to confirm diagnoses and help patients understand their risks for certain inherited eye diseases. Kellogg is unique in its ability to offer this genetic testing service, which also provides patients with an exceptional genetic counseling program.

Neurogenetics Clinic (734) 936-3087

The Neurogenetic Disorders Clinic provides diagnostic evaluation, care, and referral for individuals and families with inherited and degenerative neurologic disorders.

Perinatal Assessment Center (Prenatal Genetics) (734) 763-4264

Our Perinatal Assessment Center (PAC) provides a full range of consultative and diagnostic services, including, Perinatal Ultrasound, Antenatal Testing, Prenatal Diagnosis and Consultative Services.