DNA Banking

DNA banking is the secure storage of a person's genetic material. A person can make one or more deposits. The DNA is safely stored until withdrawals are made. Withdrawals are largely for the purpose of future genetic testing. This service is only available to patients registered at Michigan Medicine or through the MLABS reference laboratory. This DNA Banking service is a clinical service only and does NOT meet Legal Chain of Custody Standards.

The sample and associated documents MUST be received together as a complete unit, in a single package. If a patient sample is received unlabeled, insufficiently labeled, or has an insufficient volume, or if either the MMGL requisition or the Request and Consent for DNA Banking and Sample Retrieval form is incomplete, the patient sample will be rejected and discarded - 2 (or more) inadequate or partial samples CANNOT be combined to create one complete sample. The patient will have to be redrawn and new paperwork will have to be submitted. There are no exceptions to this protocol.

Appropriate processing and shipping costs will be charged to the patient’s account.  Payment of all applicable charges is required before the specimen can be shipped.

The “DNA Withdrawal and Transfer Authorization” form can be obtained by calling the MMGL Molecular Genetics Laboratory at (734) 615-2429.  The completed form should be mailed (or faxed) to:

ATTN: Director, Molecular Genetics Laboratory

MM CW Mich Medical Gntcs Lbs

Rm 36-1300 2800 Plymouth Rd

Ann Arbor, MI 48109-5200

Fax #: (723) 232-5630

An incomplete Withdrawal and Transfer Authorization” form is not acceptable, and will be rejected

For additional information see the Test Catalog entry for DNA Banking

Test Code: DBank   

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